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Heartbeat Stud Consulting

Your all-in-one stud cattle administration and management consultancy, ultimately ensuring the financial improvement of your stud, and the successful execution of top class auction events.

Can you say without a doubt that your stud value is reaching its maximum potential?

The effective management of a stud’s administration is the core factor in increasing your stud’s value. However, it is extremely time consuming, requires constant management, experience, and the utmost diligence. 

Heartbeat Stud Consulting offers you a unique service and the opportunity to place your stud administration and auction management into extremely experienced, capable, and diligent hands. Our passion and love for the studs we help raise into superstars are well known in the industry, and shines through in our results. 

Why Us?

Financial Gains

Accurately managing and maintaining your stud records means that you can expect maximum return on investment when it comes to auction day. 

Improved Decision Making

Easy access to all the data necessary for the optimal selection of animals for selling or breeding. Better decisions means better return on investment.

Peace Of Mind

Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your stud administration and auction management is in experienced, capable hands.


A Tailored Approach

We believe in cultivating long-term relationships of trust and respect, and tailoring a service according to your specific needs.


Spend Your Time On What You Do Best

Stop spending your valuable time on the management of administrative tasks, and enjoy seeing your stud value grow.

Auction Events That Impress

The effort, diligence, and time needed to prepare a cattle auction is part of what makes us tick – and a successful auction day is the ultimate reward.

Services We Offer

Cattle Work

Stud Administration

Artificial Insemination

Embryo Flushings


Cattle Exports

Contact us for a more detailed breakdown of our services, and to discuss how these can be tailored to address your specific requirements.

About Us

For the past nine years I had the privilege of being intensively involved in the growth of what has become the biggest registered Boran stud in the world.

Starting with about 80 cows, I was entrusted with the management and administration of the cattle department, intensive embryo flushing, artificial insemination, and the planning and management of what turned out to be 6 incredibly successful auctions.

The next chapter of my story has arrived and I can not be more excited to share my passion and skills with a broader audience. Let’s grow together!

Jeannie du Plessis, Stud Management Consultant

In Proud Association With


We are beyond proud of your achievements Jeannie Angus du Plessis. Your passion, dedication, commitment and sensitivity comes out in everything you do and there is no-one that I know of that is more fond of the breed and more committed to their Boran children than you are. Thank you for everything you do for your cattle, for your team, for the greater farm, for Hurwitz Farming, and for Jarren and myself personally. Congratulations on a tremendous auction and for raising your babies into becoming superstars! We could never do this without you.

Simeon Hurwitz

Hurwitz Farming

Jeannie is ‘n baie hardwerkende persoon wat uit haar pad sal gaan om net haar beste te gee. Sy is altyd bereid om die ekstra myl te loop. Sy het baie ondervinding van beesstoet administrasie en is baie akkuraat in haar werk.

Yolanda Venter

Boran Genootskap

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